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We appreciate your believe and interest in our products and services, We would like to propose a BULK WHATSAPP Proposal. Before this we would like to tell you that Intuit Infotech is already serving its services since last 5 years. We understand your need and can provide you a digital marketing solution as per your requirement. In this service, you may send (1500 characters message + 5 photos + 1 audio + 1 video + 1 vcard ) in single credit

Features of Bulk Whatsapp

  • Delivery on Whatsapp Enable Numbers No Hidden Charge
  • Web Panel Easy To Use
  • Delivery Report with Profile Pic and User Whatsapp Status
  • Scrubbing / Filtering tool to remove non whatsapp numbers
  • 1 Credit = 1500 Count Text + 5 Image + 1 Audio + 1 Video+ 1 V Card
  • API and White Label Solution Available



Whatsapp Route (India)
Slot Price Price
25 Thousand 24 paisa
50 Thousand 22 paisa
1 lakh 20 paisa
5 lakh 17 paisa
10 lakh 15 paisa
20 lakh and above 13 paisa

Terms and Conditions 1) Images/Media - It is important to remove any space, brackets or any other special character from media by renaming it. Only underscore(_) is valid. Also extension (.jpg, .png, .mp4 etc) is only accepted by whatsapp. Valid Extensions: Video (mp4), Audio (mp3), Images(.jpg,.png)
2) Campaign Timing – 8:00AM to 8:00PM Monday to Saturday
3) Delivery Time – Delivery time of any quantity campaign is between 30 minutes to 6 hours.
4) Scrubbing - It is provided free to use basis. Always scrub all numbers before using them. Maximum Numbers for scrubbing is 10,000 at a time.
India email

Payment Options

  • India email data SBI
  • India email data ICIC
  • Special offer on India email

Contact Us:

Call now: +91 99265 02291


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